Thank you very much for finding my little spot on the interweb. My name is Cortney Drake and I am based in the PNW but I would consider myself as a traveling photographer. As a fellow equestrian, my love for horses and creating art through photography enables me to capture the unique bond between you and your horse at our one on one portrait session, as well as events. If you would love to know a little more about me, click the link below.

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Private Client

During 2020, I am incorporating private client photography as an offered service. What does this mean? This means that if you would like for me to travel to a show, that allows private client photographers, then I will be your own personal photographer focusing on YOU during these shows. This allows me to combine sport photography, portrait photography, as well as documentary photography all in one package for you. Official photographers at shows only focus on the action shots but there is so much more to horse shows than your few minutes of fame in the arena. If you would like to find out more information regarding Private Client Photography, contact me and we can chat about this option for you.